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Apartments Expert has been renting apartments in all parts of Manhattan, and parts of Brooklyn, Queens and Bronx for almost 20 years. We have sucessfully worked with hundreds of roommates that have come directly to us. We are proud of Our Reviews. This is our Beta launch of first matching compatible roommates and then matching the roommates with quality apartments. We welcome your input in any areas you would like to see changes or improvement. Feel free to Contact Us with any ideas,, questions or concerns

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Part 1- Requirements, RoomMate Questionnaire, RoomMate Matching
Part 2- Apartment Search, Apartment Rental Application, Lease Signing
NYC RoomMates By Apartments Expert
No Fee To Match & Search


-  Annual Income of 40-50 times the rent of your room

- Good Credit. Generally, a landlord will approve an applicant with a credit score of 650+

- Qualified Guarantors accepted case by case

- Students welcome

You, RoomMate(s) & Guarantors will be signing a 12 month lease for the entire rent amount of the apartment.

Email the NYC Apartments Expert About RoomMates
Complete Your RoomMate Questionnaire

 Your RoomMate Questionnaire answers are confidential and not visible to others. We will  help match you with  compatible and financially qualified RoomMate(s) that share similar attributes.

After your Questionnaire is screened and accepted we will invite you and help you set up your forward facing profile.

We have been processing apartment applications for many years and use common sense matching characteristics and a preliminary background search to screen applicants. We do not employ algorithms.



Call The NYC Apartments Expert About RoomMates
Roommate Matching Process

We will invite potential matches to meet together with us at an apartment we think may be a good match. You will not be meeting a stranger at a strange location alone. We will be with you.

There is no obligation to move forward with a possible RoomMate match or the apartment


Private Unfurnished Bedroom

Share Bathroom, Kitchen & Living Room

You Are Renting The Entire Apt
With A RoomMate(s)

You and your RoomMate(s) will be signing a lease together for the entire amount of the apartment rent. You will only be paying for the amount agreed for your private bedroom and sharing the bathroom, kitchen & living room with your RoomMate(s). You and your RoomMate(s) are all responsible for the entire amount of the rent

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Sharing an apartment can save you BIG!

NYC is expensive. Living alone in NYC is the most expensive!

Rent a Renovated 1 Bedroom by yourself in Hamilton Heights $2,000
Share a Renovated 2 Bedroom in Hamilton Heights for $2,400

Only pay $1,200 Monthly. Save $800 every month!

Sharing an apt is easy to qualify for

Annual income 40 times the amount of your room rent

Good Credit
Students Welcome

You will need verifable annual income of $32,000+ if your private room rent is $800. Generally credit scores of 650+ are accepted.

Perfect Strangers?

Safe & Secure

Compatible RoomMates
We Are Not Just Renting Rooms

Everyone wants a safe quality place to live. The process to secure a RoomMate and apartment should be safe and secure. Our Questionnaire screening requires Facebook and LinkedIn verification. We have been processing apartment applications for many years and use common sense matching characteristics and a preliminary background search to screen applicants. We do not employ algorithms. We will also provide a RoomMates Agreement covering shared payments, cleaning schedules and house rules before any applications are submitted.

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We make renting easy for everyone including new graduates starting careers and quality off campus housing for students.


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