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Apartments Expert is how people find and share apartments with roommates. We are the best NYC website to find your RoomMate and apartment to share. We have successfully worked with many hundreds of roommates that have come directly to us. We are proud of Our Reviews we earned.

Students looking for affordable off campus housing are welcome.

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No Security Deposit

Only Pay 1st Month of Rent To Sign Leases
Select Apartments

Select apartments allow qualified applicants to use a 3rd party Institutional guarantor, Rhino, to replace a standard traditional one month of rent security deposit for a small monthly fee. We will work with you and your RoomMate(s) to present your application so you qualify for signing leases with no security deposit needed.

Sharing an apartment can save you BIG!

NYC is expensive. Living alone in NYC is the most expensive!
Rent a Renovated 1 Bedroom by yourself in Hamilton Heights $2,000

Share a Renovated 2 Bedroom in Hamilton Heights for $2,400. Only pay $1,200 monthly. Save $800 every month It is not just affording an apartment, spliting the rent or saving money. RoomMates can provide a sense of community and security

Private Unfurnished Bedrooms

Share Unfurnished Common Areas
You Are Renting The Entire Apt With RoomMates

You and your RoomMate(s) will be signing a lease together for the entire apartment. You will be paying for the amount agreed for your private unfurnished bedroom and sharing the unfurnished common areas: bathroom, kitchen & living room with your RoomMate(s). You and your RoomMate(s) are all each responsible for the entire amount of the rent

Quality NYC Apartments

Quality Building Owners
Renovated or recently Updated Apts

We work with reputable building owners providing quality affordable renovated or recently updated apartments in well managed and maintained buildings with responsive management

Compatible RoomMates

Similar Attributes
Like Minded

We have successfully matched applicants with apartment for building owners and management companies for over twenty years. We are proud of our Reviews. We sync RoomMate characteristics with similar attributes from our RoomMate Questionairre supported with a preliminary background check

How It Works

Browse Our Curated Apartments For Shares

Complete Your Confidential RoomMate Matching Questionnaire
Meet RoomMates To Share Apartment

Browse our detailed RoomMate Apartment listings Our listings offer private room and shared common space descriptions, pictures and videos.


After browsing our curated apartments available for shares you should complete your confidential RoomMate Questionnaire so we can begin matching you with RoomMate(s).

Stress Free

We verify and validate each RoomMate with state issued ID and social media . We will match you with our best choice RoomMate(s) based on similar characteristics, attributes and financial compatability.  

We will organize an introduction meeting with you and your potential roommate(s) for a tour of the apartment(s). There is no obligation to move forward with any RoomMate or apartment

RoomMate Questionnaire

Apartment Rental Application

Application Preparation
Application Submission

We will be working with you and your potential RoomMate(s) at this time to prepare your apartment rental application and documents for a building owner or management company.

We will coordinate your apartment rental application submission through the building owner or management company review and evaluation.

Lease Signing
Move In

We coordinate your lease signing with building owner or property management, you and your RoomMate(s) once you are approved. We attend lease signing with you and your RoomMates

How Long Does It Take?

RoomMate Introduction
Apartment Tour

We target 2-4 weeks from your questionairre submission to a RoomMate Introduction and apartment tour.

Apartment Application Submission
Lease Signing

It will take an additional 5-10 days for an Apartment Rental Application to be processed and approved

We advise potential RoomMates to submit their Questionairre 5-6 weeks before their desired move in date

What Are The Costs?

No costs for RoomMate matching.
Apartment Rental Application

After we have successfully matched you and your RoomMates you will pay a non refundable $20 apartment rental application fee to submit your application to the building owner or management company. As the broker we will reimburse all approved applicant.

Apartment Application Submission

You and each RoomMate will pay a deposit of 1 month of your private room rent when your apartment rental application is submitted to a building owner or property manager for review. This deposit will only be returned to you if your apartment application is declined by the building owner or property management. This deposit will be deducted from monies due at lease signing for 1st month of rent and one month of security deposit

Lease Signing Costs
Due At Lease Signing

Each RoomMate will need the first month of rent for their private bedroom and one month of rent for their private bedroom as security deposit. Some apartments may have broker fees. Apartments are clearly marked as No Broker Fee or Low Broker Fee

What Are The Qualifications?

Annual Income
Based On Your Room Rent

Annual Income of 40 times the rent of your private unfurnished bedroom. If your private unfurnished bedroom is $900 per month you would need verifiable income of $36,000 per year.

All RoomMate(s) Are Vetted

Building owners and management companies will generally approve credit scores of 650+ reflecting good payment history. Lower credit score with high balance accounts or late payments and collections may be difficult to match with RoomMates or get approved for a lease. Guarantors are accepted case by case.

We Pay You!

Find A RoomMate Here

Rent A No Fee Apt
15% of your first month of room rent

Building owners and Property Management of No Fee apartments pay our fee. Building owner's generally pay a one month fee. We rebate 15% of that one month fee back to you. Some landlords pay us a 1/2 month or 3/4 month of rent as our fee. We pay you 15% of whatever the building owner is paying us

What Is NYC Lowest Broker Fee Guarantee?

Building owners may not pay our fee on some apartments in desirable neighborhoods. If an apartment is not an Uber No Fee Apt you may pay as little as 1/2 month of rent as our fee but never more than 1 month of rent. We reimburse the application fees for approved applicants and we provide a $25 pizza eGift certificate at lease signing

Uber Broker Incentives & Freebies

We provide more than full service.
Client Satisfaction

We reimburse the application fee for all approved applicants and we provide a $25 pizza eGift certificate at all lease signings. Building owners and management companies paying our fee usually pay us within 30-45 days of lease signing. We transfer application fee reimbursements and broker fee rebates at that time


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