How To Rent NYC Apts

NYC No Fee Apts 2023

Easy NYC Renting!

Renting Steps & Timeline

Organize your search

1.    Prioritze your wants and needs ...

Let us listen to what is important in your new home. The three largest variables to determine are size, location and price. Let us now if pets are part of your family. From there we can discuss neigborhood options as well as features like elevator, views and other building amenities.

2.    Establish your financial position ...

If you know your income and credit qualifications you can establish your budget range. Knowing your financial position before heading out to view apartments will save you time and energy. If you will require a guarantor due to income or credit qualifications it is best to have your guarantor in place at this point. If you need a guarantor and don't have one we can discuss different application strategies as well as advising about institutional guarantors.

3.    Start your NYC apt search 30-60 days ahead of time.

If you search too soon or too late you may not have the best selection of apartments to choose from

4.    Have your money ready

If you find a place you like, it's best to make a financial committment immediately. A desirable apartment maybe available this afternoon and gone tomorrow morning.

5.    Have your paper work ready

Organize all your documents and have them ready to go. Be sure and make copies of originals

6.    We will submit your complete application package

Preparing an application package for a NYC apartment is a lot like preparing a resume in a competitive job market. We know how to prepare application package submissions and position them for approval.

7.    Application Follow Up

Once your application has been submitted for approval we will keep you informed and update you of your status while the landlord considers your application

8.    Lease Signing

We will review all lease signing documents with you and attend the lease signing with you

9.    Your Move In

We will coordinate your move in arrangements and follow up with you after to make sure all the details of your move in are in place.


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