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Guide to the steps buying a home in NYC

Every transaction is unique ...

Transactions will not always follow identical steps and timelines. Together we will determine the best ways for us to work together. Beginning with your financial planning and ending with your closing there are many tasks to be performed requiring the collaborative participation of real estate attorneys, inspectors, appraisers and loan officers to reach your final destination. We engage everyones participation in the time line to keep your home purchase on schedule.

1.    Financial Planning

We recommend our clients have a financial statement prepared by a certified public accountant showing your assets, liabilities and annual income. If your intentions are to make a cash offer this will show the seller your finacial capabilities. If you are seeking financing you will have organized the documentation eventually required to complete a mortgage application. In a competitive bidding situation on a property a strong well prepared financial statement with a conditional committment letter from your lender could make the difference to a seller accepting your offer. We prefer to work with clients that have been pre-approved for a mortgage. We recommend that our clients have started the pre-qualification process before we begin to schedule viewings for possible homes.

2.    Choose Your Home

We tailor our services to your needs in our first meeting. We will actively collaborate with you on property searches and viewings. We will attend all private viewings with you as well as any other meetings you ask us to accompany you.

We advise you on pros and cons of your different options such as schools and recent comparable sales in particular neighborhoods.

3.    Make An Offer

After you have found the property you would like to call home we will create an offer strategy with you and present your best offer to the seller or seller's agent. We may evaluate a counter offer. Once an offer is accepted we will coordinate with the seller or seller's agent to get a signed contract of sale as soon as possible. After your offer is accepted and before you are " In Contract" we will coordinate the property inspections.

4.    In Contract

We will coordinate the information between the seller's attorney and your attorney so that a Contract of Sale can be signed by you and the seller as quickly as possible. At this point you can expect to pay 10 percent of the sale price which will be held in escrow until the closing.

5.    Closing

The last step in the buying timeline structured as a meeting with you, the seller, represenative brokers, attorneys and title closer. At the closing you are paying the seller for ownership of property.


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