NYC Buyer's Guide

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Ability will never catch up with the demand for it.

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A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove you don't need it.

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Buying a home is a big deal in NYC

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We Only Represent You

As an expert buyer's broker we will only be representing you as the buyer and we are bound to advocate and negotiate for your best interests.

Seller Is Paying Us

There is absolutely no cost to you. The seller is paying our commission.

Seller's Agent Only Works For Seller

The seller's agent has a fiduciary responsibility to the seller not the buyer's best interests. If an agent is not working for you then they are working for the seller.

Professional Referrals

We can reccomend other reliable professionals from our network of mortgage brokers, real estate attorneys, home inspectors, engineers, appraisers and movers that can expedite each step in the buying process making your successful purchase all the faster.

Search Collaboration

We develop a collaborative search approach with our clients. We will harness and utilize Streeteasy as our primary search engine for evaluating and choosing properties.

Expert Advice

We will advise the ins and outs of comparables, different properties and neighborhoods, so you can determine which home is best for you based on the pros and cons of each option.


We will attend all private viewings with you as well as any other meetings you ask us to accompany you.

Offer Strategy

Once you have selected a property we will discuss strategy advising you on the appropriate price to offer and present your offer to the seller's agent.

Negotiation & Follow Through

We can help overcome setbacks. If the home inspector's report or appraisal brings new issues to life we can advise you on your options to proceed and then act as a buffer between you and the seller or the seller's agent. If negotiations become heated or hostile it is extremely important to have a calm professional offering productive solutions

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Buying FAQ

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Buying Steps

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Buyer's Broker

We represent you and your interests not the seller's

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Condo -v- Co-op

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Board Package

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First Time Buyers

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