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Increase Revenue

Decrease Costs

increase profits NYC multi family investments

Increase NOI


Establish parameters of the renter's profile you want for applicants. We quickly and efficiently produce qualified applicants meeting your specifications. We conduct lease signings and follow up with keys and a Welcome Letter for new tenants.

Claw Back

No Vacancy Increase
Static Preferentials

We are going to claw back at the loss of your vacancy increase due to the Housing Stability & Tenant Protection Act of 2019 .We reduce your apartment turn around time so you can have a new tenant moving in and generating new revenue as your old tenants are moving out

Decrease Apt Turn Around Time

Pre Vacancy Leasing
Your Back Office Support

30-45 days before a leases expiration we initiate contact with your current departing tenant and establish a mutually agreed viewing schedule for new applicants. My well managed team will seamlessly interface with your current tenant with no disruption.

Damages & Repairs Report

Our premier service will provide you with a Damages & Report of the apartment during our Pre Vacancy Leasing supported with pictures so you are not waiting for your current tenant to move out to make an assesment

NYC RoomMates

Apartments Expert's signature RoomMate matching service provides a steady flow of qualified applicants for 2,3 and 4 bedroom apartments

We Add Our Own Incentives

Broker Fee Rebate

When a building owner or management company is paying us a 3/4 month or 1 month equivalent of rent we rebate 15% to an approved applicant. This substantially increases the power of our marketing and advertising

Broker Fee Discount

If we are charging a broker fee we may charge as little as a 1/2 month of rent, 3/4 month of rent but never more than 1 month of rent as our broker fee.

Uber Broker Incentives
Application Fees & Free Pizza

We reimburse application fees for all approved applicants at lease signing from our fees. We also provide a $25 Dominos eGift Certificate at lease signing. Powerful marketing tools that  makes you and us stand ahead of the crowd

Premier Service

Our premier service recognizes the unique needs of each building owner and property manager. We seamlessly tailor qualifications, application submissions and lease signings to fit your needs and minimize your time.

Expert Marketing

Our marketing is anchored by aggressive advertising and frequently scheduled open houses promoted with new generation internet distribution.

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Renting FAQ

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Renting Steps

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Renting Qualifications

We can advise you on finacial qualifications

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Apartment Types

Sometimes the language can be confusing.....

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No Broker Fee Mystery

We have solved the mystery. Yes, they do exist.

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Application Documents

Be prepared and have your documents organized ...

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