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Organize Your Documents

We submit your complete application package positioned for approval We recommend our clients have all required documents organized when they begin viewing apartments. It is not unusual for a desirable apartment to be available this afternoon and gone tomorrow morning. You would hate to miss an apartment opportunity because you were trying to assemble documents to support your application.

You will want to have clear copies of all original documents needed. We will be happy to assist you preparing your documents. If you simply don't have a requested document we can work through it.

Renter's Required Documents

Each landlord and management company are different in terms of the documentation they request with an application. You probably will not need all of the documents listed below and probably less but it is better to be prepared. We will advise you on exactly what you will need once you have chosen the apartment you are going to apply for.

A Complete Signed Application

It is important to complete every part of an application. You shouldn't leave any questions blank. We will provide the appropriate application for you once you have decided which apartment you want to apply for

Application Fee

Almost every landlord will require an application fee for each application to acquire your credit history and process your application. The application fee can't exceed $20 per applicant

Photo ID

A color copy of a driver's license or passport. You will need to make copies of the front and back of a driver's license enlarged 200 percent

Social Security Card

Copy of front and back

Letter of Employment

A Letter of Employment should be on company letterhead. It should state job title, length of employment or start date if employment hasn't started yet and salary or pay information. Letter must be recently dated and signed by a supervisor or individual authorizd to verify the information.

Recent Pay Stubs

Three recent pay stubs

Letter from Certified Public Accountant

If you are self employed on company letterhead stating current year projected income, nature of your business and past year income.

Bank Statements

3 recent complete checking/savings accounts. If your checking/savings doesn't currently show enough funds to close a transaction with first month of rent and one month of security you can include an investment account

Tax Returns

2 Recent tax returns. Typically only the first page and signature pages are required

W-2 and 1099

Supporting the two years of tax returns

Letter of Acceptance and Class Schedule

For students


For international students

Landlord Reference Letter

Provided from your current landlord

Pet Documentation

Two photos and vaccination records

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