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Who is protecting you?

A buyer's broker is only responsible to the buyer. The agent representing the seller is only responsible to the seller. Think about it like this. If you were being sued would you hire the same attorney as the person sueing you. You need someone who will diligently protect your interests and rights.

Your advocate

As an expert buyer's broker we will only be representing you as the buyer and we are obligated to advocate and negotiate for your best interests. There is absolutely no cost to you. The seller is paying our commission. If a broker is not working for you then they are working for the seller.


Let's say for instance, you walked up to a seller's agent at an open house and gushed about how you love the home and want to buy it, but you will need to move soon because you are expecting your second child and you need to decorate the nursery pronto. The seller's agent could share that information with the seller and advise the seller they shouldn't budge too much on the asking price or at all.

Yet make this same confession to your buyer's broker and it's confidential. A professional buyer's broker will manage the steps in the buying timeline to achieve your target move date.

We Bring You Home

And Pay You!
Commission Rebate

Choose Co-op, condo, townhouse or loft and receive our king-size 75% sales comission rebate paid directly to you

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