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Co-op Board Package

Important Step

Board Approval

You have your financing in place and you have an accepted offer. Now you need the board to accept you.


One of the most important steps is completing a purchase application and assembling a board package, a comprehensive presentation of financial documents and references.


Closing on a co-op apartment depends on board approval. Board's of co-op buildings set forth their requirements for what their board packages consist of and how and when they are presented.

As we can all agree, not all employment resumes are created equal. Board packages are similar to employment resumes. A complete and well prepared board package presented correctly enhances your possibility of approval. 

We will develop your purchase application and board package positioning you for approval. We are with you all the way.


This is less critical but still important for purchasing a condo. A condo board can only prevent your purchase by exercising their right of first refusal. An incomplete purchase application or board package can delay their response regarding right of refusal and in turn delay your closing.   

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