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Home Is Where Your Heart Is

Home is the most important part of our lives. We bring you home with care, knowledge, experience and dedicated outstanding service.

Knowledge & Experience

Over 20 years experience successfully securing the right home for our clients in this highly competitive sometimes complicated NYC market, We know how to get your deal done.

Outstanding Service

Client happiness is the cornerstone of our service. We tailor a personalized plan to achieve your goals. We have raised the bar for what you should expect for service from your broker.

What Are King-Size Sales Commission Rebates?

The seller is paying our commission. We rebate up to 75% of our sales commission directly to you putting a lot of dollars back in your pocket. We provide the largest sales commission rebate in the real estate industry.

What Is A Buyer's Broker?

We represent the buyer in the sales process. Our loyalty, allegiance and financial responsibiility is only to you, not the seller.. We will advise and guide you through the NYC buying experience as your advocate and negotiator. The seller has a broker representing them. You need an experienced broker representing you.

What Makes Us An Expert?

Over 20 years experience representing buyers in this fast paced, highly competitive and sometimes complicated NYC market. We think outside the box developing solutions for complications that may arise in any transaction.

How Do We Assist First Time Buyers?

We understand buying your first home is one of your most important investments. We will guide you with advice on mortgage pre approvals, negotiating, home inspections and closings. We know how to do it!

Apartment Rental Experts

We have our finger on the pulse of the NYC rental market and are keenly aware an apartment maybe here today and gone tomorrow. We quickly plan your search and guide you towards a lease signing.

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