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We Make Renting EASY & Profitable

We add effective value to property

It is simple. Email us your available apartments and we will begin showing them to our clients searching for low fee and no fee NYC apartments.

Apartments on MARS

Apartments on MARS, Manhattan Apartments Rental Specialists, are custom tailored marketing programs. Our marketing is anchored with aggressive frequent open houses promoted with new generation advertising exploiting effective internet distribution.

MARS generates qualified applicants and lease signings for new tenants moving in as old tenants are moving out. We create market for value add investments and hard to rent properties.

MARS Advantage

No down time between tenants. Manhattan Apartments Rental Specialists are well trained and supervised capable of interfacing with your current tenants hosting open houses and viewings 30-45 days before lease expirations. MARS specializes in pre-leasing during renovations so apartments are rented at the completion of a renovation.

MARS Premier Service

Our premier service is based on recognizing the unique needs of each landlord and property manager and seamlessly tailoring qualifications, application submissions and lease signings to fit your needs. We make renting easy for everyone.

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Renting FAQ

Did you know? Our Renting FAQ for the NYC renter.

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Renting Steps

The steps and timeline of renting in NYC.

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Renting Qualifications

We can advise you on finacial qualifications

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Apartment Types

Sometimes the language can be confusing.....

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International Students

We work better than any firm with international students...

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Required Documents

Be prepared and have your documents organized ...

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