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No Fee & Lowest Fee Apts

Lowest Broker Fee?

If It Is Not No Fee

Get Our Lowest Broker Fee Guarantee

The broker fee could be as low as a 1/2 month of rent with our added Uber Broker Incentives & Freebies

3806 Bailey Avenue, Apt D10, Kingsbridge
Type: 1 Bedroom
Fee: Low Broker Fee Guarantee Only 3/4 Month
Cross Streets: Corner of WEst 238th St & Bailey Avenue
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712 West 180th St, Apt 4A, Hudson Heights
Type: 4 Bedroom 1.5 Bath
Fee: No Fee Guarantee & We Pay You To Rent!
Cross Streets: Broadway & Fort Washington Avenue
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3806 Bailey Avenue, Apt E6, Kingsbridge
Type: 1 Bedroom
Fee: Low Broker Fee Guarantee Only 3/4 Month
Cross Streets: Corner of Bailey Avenue & West 238th St
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3174 Riverdale Avenue, Apt 4B, Riverdale
Type: 2 Bedroom 2 Bath
Fee: Low Broker Fee Guarantee Only 3/4 Month
Cross Streets: West 231st St & West 232nd St
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1632 Hutchinson River Pkwy East, Apt 6F, Pelham Bay
Type: 2 Bedroom 2 Bath
Fee: Low Broker Fee Guarantee- Only 1 Month
Cross Streets: Middleton Rd & Hutchinson River Pkwy
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We make renting EASY!

What Is A NYC No Broker Fee Apt?

There is no mystery.
It's simple really.

NYC No Fee apartments are in buildings where the landlord is paying for our services.No Fee means absolutely no broker fee is paid by you.. There are never any "administrative" fees, hidden costs or last minute surprises disguising broker fees.

What are NYC Uber No Broker Fee Apartments?

We pay you 15% of your first month of rent

Building owners of NO FEE apartments pay our fee. Building owner's generally pay us a 1/2 month, 3/4 month or a one month fee. We rebate 15% of that fee back to you.

Can I Say Goodbye To NYC Old School Broker Fees?

Some brokers still charge 15% of the first year of rent!

Really? That is almost 2 months of rent. That is a lot of money to pay a broker to rent an apartment.

What Is NYC Lowest Broker Fee Guarantee?

If an apt is not No Fee you may pay as little as 1/2 month of rent as a fee. Pay less with The Apartments Expert!

Uber Broker Incentives & Freebies

We provide more than full service
We provide more than discounted broker fees

We reimburse the application fee for all approved Applicants. We also provide a $25 pizza eGift certificate at lease signing.


We Pay You 15%
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No Broker Fee Mystery

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