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Apartment Types

All apartment buildings use similar descriptions to describe their apartments. Apartment descriptions can vary in actual size from building to building.


Studios are the smallest of the apartment types and is a rectangular room that has the living area, sleeping area and kitchen all in one room with a separate bathroom inside the apartment.

Alcove Studio

Typically a bit larger than a studio and "L" shaped apartment that allows the bed to be put in the foot of the " L" allowing for a more open living / dining area. The bathroom is generally located closer to the sleeping area. The term, alcove studio may be used to describe a studio with a separate kitchen.

Junior One

An alcove studio with a temporary or permanent wall put up to divide the sleeping area from the " L " from the living area similar to an alcove studio

One Bedroom

An apartment with an actual separate bedroom that you can close the door as well as living / dining area. The bathroom maybe off the bedroom but is generally off the living area.

Convertible Two or Flex 2

A large 1 bedroom with living / dining area that has enough space in the living room to put up a temporary or permanent wall to create an extra bedroom. This is a good idea for roommates that want separate sleeping areas but can't afford a true two bedroom..

Junior 4

This is a large one bedroom that has a windowed dining alcove area off the living room. A temporary or permanent wall can be put up to create an office or a child's bedroom. This is an ideal consideration for couples who are looking for space or anticipate having  guests that will need a pull out sofa.

Two Bedroom

Apartment that has two separate bedrooms as well as living / dining area. Bedrooms may not always be equal size. Bedrooms may be next to each other or if separate sides of the apartment referred to as "winged".

3 Bedroom

Apartment has three separate bedrooms as well as living / dining area. You may also see flexible or convertible three Bedrooms which would be a large two bedroom with a living room large enough to put up a temporary or permanent wall to create a third separate bedroom.

Classic Six

Refers to a specific type of pre war apartment built before WW II. these apartments are typically in buildings with more details and elaborate architecture. These apartment have six rooms. There are two bedrooms, living room, separate dining room, kitchen and a maid's room which is often used as an office or guest room.


A large open apartment style. Lofts are often found in converted factories downtown. They can have a raw industrial feel but may include high end finishes.

Furnished Apartments

If you will be staying in NYC less than a year a furnished apartment may be the housing solution for you. Normal duration of stay is one to four months.


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