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529 West 179th St, Apt 4C, Washington Heights
Type: 3 Bedroom / Convert 4
Fee: No Broker Fee Guarantee & We Pay You To Rent!
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4206 Carpenter Avenue, Apt B5, Wakefield
Type: 2 Bedroom
Fee: No Fee Guarantee
Open House: -
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3804 Bailey Avenue, Apt E14, Kingsbridge
Type: 1 Bedroom
Fee: Lowest Broker Fee Guarantee- Only 1/2 Month
Open House: -
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213 West 238th St, Apt 21, Kingsbridge
Type: 2 Bedroom
Fee: Lowest Broker Fee Guarantee- Only 1/2 Month
Open House: -
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217 West 238th St, Apt 1C, Kingsbridge
Type: 1 Bedroom
Fee: Low Broker Fee Guarantee Only 3/4 Month
Open House: -
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We make renting EASY!

What Is A Harlem No Broker Fee Apartment?

There is no mystery
It's simple really. Harlem No Fee apartments are in buildings where the landlord is paying for our services.

 No Fee means absolutely no broker fee is paid by you.. There are never any "administrative" fees, hidden costs or last minute surprises disguising broker fees.

What Is A Harlem Apartment Rental Broker Fee Rebate?

We pay you to rent Harlem No Fee apartments with a Broker Fee Rebate

Building owners of NO FEE apartments pay our fee. Building owner's generally pay a one month fee. We rebate 15% of that one month fee to you. We pay you at lease signing.

Can I Say Goodbye To Harlem Old School Broker Fees?

Some brokers still charge 15% of the first year of rent!

Really? That is almost 2 months of rent. That is a lot of money to pay a broker to rent an apartment. Say goodbye to Bronx Old School Broker Fees with your NYC Apartments Expert

What Is Harlem Lowest Broker Fee Guarantee?

If an apt is not No Broker Fee you may pay as little as 1/2 month of rent as a fee and no more than a one month broker fee. Pay less with The Apartments Expert!

Are There Any Incentives & Freebies With My Harlem No Fee Apt?

Apartments Expert provides more than full service.

We cultivate landlord relationships so you may not have to pay an application fee or pet fee. You might get a free month of rent. You may even receive a 7 Day Unlimited MetroCard


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