Bronx Studios For Sale From $120,000

20 Bronx Studios For Sale from $120,000

Bronx Studios For Sale From $120,000

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What Is My Bronx Buyer Broker Sales Commission Rebate?

We rebate you at least 45% of our broker commission at closing

Get part of your sales price back. You can receive your rebate by cashier's check or as a credit at closing. That can go a long ways in covering your closing costs or affording those renovations you want.

Who Pays Bronx Broker Sales Commissions?

Sellers Pay The Commission

Bronx commission rates are generally 5%-6% of the sales price equally split 50/50 with seller's broker and buyer's broker. A Buyer's Broker's commission is generally 2 1/2 - 3% of the sales price. We know that is a lot of money!

Who Does A Bronx Buyer's Broker Works For?

Buyer's Broker Only Works For Buyer

A buyer's broker is legally bound to help buyers. The agent representing the seller  is legally bound to help the seller and has a fiduciary responsibility to the seller. Think about it like this. If you were being sued would you hire the same attorney as the person sueing you. You need someone who will diligently protect your interests and rights.

What Is The Commission on a $1,000,000 Bronx Apartment?

Old School Brokers believe your home should generate $60,000 commissions for them

Everyone except the Old School Brokers will agree that is just obnoxious.

Want Your Bronx Sales Commission Broker Fee Rebate?

Out with Old School Brokers!

Thoroughly embracing technology and exploiting virtual efficiencies allows us to compete for your business this way

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