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Jerry F LeazerLicensed Real Estate Broker       Knowledge, Experience and Dedicated Service


Knowledge and Experience

Almost 20 years of successfully finding the right home for clients in the highly competitive and sometimes complicated NYC sales and rental market. Attentive communication skills from the beginning of your search through your move in.

King-Sized Commission Rebates

 We rebate 70% of the buyer's broker commission to you. We guarantee 5 Star full representation. Only our fees are discounted.

Buyer's Broker Expert

We represent buyers in the sales process. We work for you and will guide you through the NYC buying experience

First Time Buyers

We excel at representing first time buyers. We may be able to guide your financial planning to enhance securing a mortgage at the best rate.

Relocating to NYC

Whether you are a student moving here for university or a professional moving for employment we will make your transition seamless and we excel at long distance and international transactions

International Students and Professionals

We specialize in working with international students and professionals working with their unique credit qualifications through the buying and renting process

We Pay You To Rent!

Rent a No Fee apartment. The building owner is paying our broker fee. We rebate 15% of that fee to you at lease signing.

Apartment Rental Experts

We have our finger on the pulse of the NYC rental market and are keenly aware an apartment maybe here today and gone tomorrow

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