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Jerry F Leazer, Licensed Real Estate Broker       Knowledge, Experience and Dedicated Service


Knowledge and Experience

Almost 20 years of successfully finding the right home for clients in the highly competitive and sometimes complicated NYC sales and rental market.

Dedication to Service

Attentive communication skills from the beginning of your search through your move in.

Buyer's Broker

We represent buyers in the sales process. We work for you and will guide you through the NYC buying experience

First Time Buyers

We excel at representing first time buyers. We may be able to guide your financial planning to enhance securing a mortgage at the best rate.

Relocating to NYC

Whether you are a student moving here for university or a professional moving for employment we will make your transition seamless and we excel at long distance and international transactions

International Students and Professionals

We specialize in working with international students and professionals working with their unique credit qualifications through the buying and renting process

Real Estate Investments

We will advise you to exceed your investment goals. Let's talk about value add multi family investment properties

Apartment Rental Experts

We have our finger on the pulse of the NYC rental market and are keenly aware an apartment maybe here today and gone tomorrow

Apartment Hunting Guide 

We guide you through a customized selection of apartments in a 2-4 hour viewing tour.

 The best hunters get the best places at the best prices in the best neighborhoods. Get an expert hunting guide. There is no place like home and no place like NYC for finding your home. You can depend on our experiece and dedicated service from your first contact through your move in.

We make buying and renting NYC apartments easy!

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When should I plan to buy?

A first time buyer should consider buying as soon as you are comfortable with the down payment  more....

What are the steps in the buying process?

The first step is to speak with a mortgage broker, banker or financial advisor  more....

What buying qualifications do I need?

First you will need to establish how much of a mortgage you can afford  more....

Condo -vs- Co-op?

These are two different types of ownership structures  more...

What are No Fee NYC apartment rentals?

Quite Simply no fee apartments are in buildings where the owners are paying the fee for our services   more....

We specialize in international students?

We specialize in the unique qualifying needs of international students and professionals  more....

What are low fee NYC apartment rentals

many brokers charge 15% of the first year of rent which is almost 2 months of rent. We work with many buildings where we are able to charge less than a month of rent  more...

What is a Value-Add Investment?

A real estate investment where there are upsides to the ability to increase the valuation of the property  more...

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We make buying and renting NYC easy with knowledge, experience and dedicated service raising the bar for the service you should expect from a NYC real estate broker.

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